Why Grandparents Should Go On Group Dates (Like Their Grands Do)


How long has it been since you enjoyed a group date? Call some friends and make it happen. And while you’re at it, invite that one guy and gal you’ve been wanting to introduce.

group dating for seniors

Group dating isn’t just for teens. In fact, at our age, it’s better. We aren’t as worried about looks, popularity, and instant attraction. As grandparents, we’re ready to enjoy the event for what it is and who we’re with. We aren’t as self-consciousness. 

Even if we’re introducing a prospective pair, the pressure is off. 

A group of seniors has years of experiences to share. We can laugh at ourselves, at life and the world around us. And we can reminisce.

Chances are we know about the same music, movies, clothing, and hairstyles–from the past. We can also share about our careers and what we plan to do after retirement or what we’re up to now that we’ve retired.

We may even plan new hobbies to share as a group.

Choose places to visit which allow ongoing conversations. Walking trails are a great place to start as are picnics. Dinner out should be kept casual and relaxed. A table outside is perfect.

Groups aren’t always made of couples

group dating for seniors

Think of those you’d like to invite to a group date. If you wish to bring along a single friend, ask for recommendations for another single who may like to join.

However, this isn’t teenage dating. The single friends you invite are not necessarily meant to form lasting relationships. But if they do, you’ll have the pleasure of watching it happen and taking part.

In addition, invite friends without a counterpart on the guest list. A group of three women and five men can have a great time playing cards and two women and a guy friend can make a lunch date.

Sometimes our best date-night partners are our grandchildren. If our friends bring theirs along too, they’ll be plenty of interaction of another kind.

Don’t assume your friends, single or married, are always content to stay at home. Put together a group date. It may become a monthly event.