Amazing Fun-Loving Activity Your Preschool Grands Will LOVE


Time to scoop up your littlest grands and enjoy the love with a fun, new activity. There’s no pre-planning and nothing to buy. It’s just you and them and hearts ready to share.

Activity preschool grandkids

First, take a stroll around your house. Point to pictures of friends and family and say their names aloud. 

Tell your grandson or daughter what you love about the person in the picture, “I love Uncle Steve because he has a big, happy laugh.” Give them a turn to choose a picture and name the person. 

Help them think of something they love about the person they chose.

Second, talk about actions people take to show their love, “Grandpa bought me this special chair because he loves me.” Or “Aunt Susan came to wash my windows because she loves me.” 

Help your little one think of special items they’ve received or kind deeds that have been done for them. Talk about the love of the one that blessed them.

Third, tell them of your intentions to do something for someone else, “I’m going to take my friend some flowers because I love her.” 

Or “I’m going to meet my friend for lunch because I love him.” Help them think of simple things they can do to show their love for their parents and siblings.

They can plan to pick up their toys that night because they love mommy or give her an extra-long squeeze when she comes in from work. 

They can sit beside daddy to watch a show or tell him a story at bedtime because they love him.

Love throughout the house

activity preschooler and grandparents

Lastly, young ones can learn from an early age that treating their siblings with kindness is a way to show love. And when they have taken someone’s toy or been physically aggressive, they can say they’re sorry.

Many times, we’re walking and talking examples of love but we don’t make the connection for our grandchildren. We can say we love them but not explain that our actions validate our words.

When we “show and tell,” we can help define love beyond a three-word sentence. It will become a purposeful activity of the heart.