The Best Holistic Approaches To Prevent Bone Loss


As post-menopausal women, we aren’t going to take a diagnosis of bone loss sitting down. And as grandmothers, we aren’t going to miss out on all the fun with our grandkids. So, it’s time met the challenges.

bone loss

First off, we need to increase our weight-bearing exercises. Muscles get stronger with use and so do bones. Therefore, if we tell them to get moving, with the force of gravity against them, they’ll thicken and become sturdier. The easiest ways to achieve this is through walking, stair climbing, and dancing. 

I cannot count the times my kids have told me I waste energy going up and down the stairs instead of grabbing everything I need at once. However, this deliberate back and forth, up and down is helping to improve my bone health.

And when it comes to dancing, if I join them in their video-dance games, we not only get the healthy laughter but results that linger long after we leave the family room. Yet, as good as these weight-bearing exercises are, they need additional help from the foods we eat.

Our mothers and grandmothers told us to drink our milk and eat our greens so we’d grow healthy and strong. They were right. The calcium and vitamin D found in dairy foods, green vegetables, and fish all have a part to play in overall bone health.

If we have dairy allergies or sensitivities, we can try dietary supplements as recommended by our doctors.

Time in the Sun Yields Much More Than Fun

bone loss

Our bodies make their own vitamin D as sunlight is absorbed into our skin. However, we must be careful with unprotected exposure. Those of us with fair skin can obtain what we need in just a few minutes a day, in the summer, whereas darker skin types may need a bit longer. 

Ask your doctor to be sure of the amount of time it takes for you to soak up those vitamin D producing rays.

And while you’re out there, slather your grands with sunscreen. Time spent on the playground or strolling through the neighborhood is good for everyone. 

Diagnosed with bone loss? Get out and enjoy some sunshine and listen to your mother. Drink that milk and serve up the greens.