All-Weather Backyard Activities To Enjoy With Your Grandkids


Spring, summer, fall, and winter– each season has something to share with our grandkids. It’s especially fun when we get outside to enjoy activities in the fresh air and beauty of nature.

backyard activities

I was born and raised in the midwest, where the four seasons have full sway to bring their fury or delight. However, due to my husband’s military service, we spent time in several states and out of the country. No matter where we went, I wanted my daughters to experience our new location to the fullest.

When I became a grandmother, I wanted my grandchildren to explore the wonders of nature all around and sometimes that meant from the confines of the backyard. But we found ways to make even the smallest patch of green into a paradise.

What can you do out in your backyard? Possibly more than you can imagine.

Springtime explorations:

  • Use your cell phone to take pictures of the birds you see. Then compare your photos with descriptions online.
  • Search for newly occupied bird nests. But don’t disturb them. If you find one follow its activity.
  • Look for bugs. Jot down the ones you can identify then find matching coloring pages online for your grandkids to color.

Summer Adventures:

  • Plant a small garden patch or place a container of tomatoes on your back porch. Visit your plant and discuss its growth.
  • Dig! Designate an out-of-the-way spot where you and your grands can dig to your heart’s content. Enjoy the smell of the soil.
  • After enjoying a dash through the sprinkler or garden hose, sit in the sun (use your sunscreen) and chat as you dry.

Get the Entire Family Outdoors

backyard activities

Don’t let the fall and winter weather keep you in. The changing world around us is waiting for us to come and play.

Fall follies:

  • Collect leaves, rake leaves, jump in leaves, and spread them like a blanket over your garden.
  • Harvest from your container garden and use your produce in a luncheon eaten out in the grass.
  • Follow ants. Be careful with reddish, fire ants but otherwise observe a busy colony.

Welcoming winter:

  • When a heavy snow is falling, place a bucket in the backyard. When the snow stops, get a ruler and measure the snowfall.
  • Build a snowman or snow fort together. Take plenty of pictures of your creation.
  • If winter is cold, but not snowy, in your location, go outside and blow bubbles. How are they different in winter?

Finally, we don’t need to stay out for hours to enjoy the seasons. A few minutes and a quick activity is all it takes to share and get a lift from nature.

What do you do in your region to enjoy the seasons?