Discover What’s Causing Your Sudden Loss Of Memory


Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to remembering someone’s name, what you had for dinner, or the items on your grocery list? Don’t panic. There are a myriad of reasons for those “senior moments” and they have nothing to do with Alzheimer’s.

is it alzheimer's, stress or natural memory loss

We love to watch our grandkids grow and develop. And we applaud each milestone as if the whole world should stop and take note. But while we’re holding onto little hands and steadying little legs to try again, our grandsons and granddaughters are remembering.

Without knowing a thing about the functioning of their brains or the fact that memory is helping them calculate– they get up and walk.

It’s amazing. They watch everyone around them and do exactly what they observe; they say exactly what they hear. They have no idea that walking is called walking and that swear words are naughty or that green beans are green and that ice cream is sweet.

Their memories load up information taken in through the five senses and store it away for future use. Science says they are remembering and forgetting repeatedly. A preschooler can remember the event of a new tricycle for a few years then lose it altogether. 

This process goes forward until most of us have only a few recollections of events that happened before age seven. And our stories are like swiss cheese– lots of holes.

Age and Concentration

is it alzheimer's, stress or natural memory loss

Have you ever watched the intensity of your grands when they’re coloring, digging, building or engaged in any other well-loved activity? We might say, “The house could burn down around them and they’d never notice!” They’re intent. Focused.

Some of my grandsons spend hours making Lego forts. They station sentries at strategic spots and “plant” trees, bushes and flowers in perfectly planned landscapes. 

Others can figure out a Rubix Cube in no time. And a couple of my granddaughters can read for hours and recount minute details about their hero or heroine. 

We use to be like that. Maybe.

I wonder what our parents would say. Were we one of those forgetful kids in the first place or did we have an amazing recall? Did we do well on spelling tests and remember math concepts? Did we remember to take out the garbage or put the dishes away?

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