Aging In Place: Do You Have A Plan To Stay Home Sweet Home?


It took years to put your house together. Your kids and grandkids made it a home– the last thing you want to do is move away. With a little planning, you can keep the welcome mat out for years to come. 

aging in place

According to the National Aging In Place Council, there are five main considerations when wishing to avoid the many types of senior resident housing. 

  • Personal housing needs: How large of a home do you need? Does the one you have meet your changing health and safety requirements? Are you still making mortgage payments? 
  • Health and wellness needs: Can you look after your own health concerns or do you need the daily assistance of a healthcare professional? Is your neighborhood still as safe as it once was?
  • Personal Financial needs: Can you afford to keep your home? Does it need costly repairs?
  • Transportation needs: Do you need transportation to shop, visit your doctor’s office, or to attend church or club meetings? Is public transportation available?
  • Social interaction needs: Have all your former neighbors moved away? How far are your family members? Are there opportunities for socialization within walking distance? 

If all of the above concerns can be addressed from your current residence, aging in place may be possible. However, as changes in health, wealth, abilities, and safety present themselves, a reevaluation must take place.

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