Why The Best Mentor For A Child Is Their Grandma


Is it true that today’s woman can do it all? Perhaps she can, but should she? With grandma as a mentor, our granddaughters may have even more options.

A mentor for your granddaughter? why not grandma?

In modern society, our daughters are supposed to obtain the same educational goals as our sons, including the amassing of degrees, so they can take their place in the world of “outside work.” That sounds good as far as equality, but is it good in the sense of everyday functioning?

I recall a time when the phrase circulated amongst some of my peers, “Who’s keeping the house and who’s minding the babies?” 

One of my daughters earned her degree and started her career in the medical field. Then she married and had children. In my eyes, I saw an overloaded woman. She carried a babe in her womb all day at the hospital, came home to a toddler, which she also carried, and to a home wanting her attention. She was no doubt exhausted but there was dinner to cook, laundry to fold, floors to sweep, bills to pay, and a husband and church to serve. What gives?

As a woman well over 50, I have a different perspective. A woman can do it all– but not with excellence. Just as a man cannot. And for sure a man could not bear the children and keep up with the rest. As a grandmother, I mentor my granddaughters to choose one life rather than two. A life devoted to home may seem outdated and undermined yet it is an admirable position– when done with excellence. 

The Life Outside

a mentor for your granddaughter? why not grandma?

For my granddaughters who would desire a career, I support them as well. However, I do so with caution. I believe a part-time job is best and working from home to be even better. And their incomes should not be the bread and butter of the household– if they’re also to bear children. 

I fear that men have come to rely upon their careering, mothering, householding and bill paying wives sometimes with little regard for her wellbeing and the health of their marriages. That being said, this is my formula to mentor my granddaughters:

  • Love God, his creation, and the Bible.
  • Set an example of diligence and industry in all matters of the home.
  • Agree upon the number of children to bear and tend to them first and foremost after her husband.
  • If a career is desired, choose one that allows her to utilize her gifts and talents without robbing other pursuits in life.
  • Work part time if choosing to start a family.
  • Remember her health and well-being are of the utmost value.

Sound old-fashioned? Perhaps, yet in reality, these things may preserve our granddaughters’ health and beauty inside and out.