5 Simple Ways To Make Your Spring Cleaning A Breeze


Spring has sprung and all that sun flooding through the window is revealing nooks and crannies in need of a mop, broom, or dust. Not to mention the leftover leaves in the backyard. Time to strategize.

5 tips to make spring cleaning a breeze

First, don’t work too hard all at once. We all know the cobwebs and fuzzballs aren’t going anywhere and neither will they grow or multiply. Therefore, slow and steady wins the prize.

  • How many rooms do you have in your home? Plan to tackle just one each day, Monday through Friday. Take weekends off. For most, that means 7-10 days to get it done. Plot it on your calendar.
  • Choose the order of rooms. I start with the kitchen. Next, I clean all three baths in one day; as if one room. Then I move to the common areas and leave bedrooms last.
  • Decide if you’ll need help with any particular room. Contact your helper and make a cleaning date. A nice lunch break is fun, too.
  • Gather all your equipment and cleansers. 
  • In each room, work ceiling to floor.  Take it easy. You’ve got all day.

Ask your grands to come help. If they’re small, give them a task or two they can handle and lavish the praise. Spring cleaning can also make spring bonding.

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