The Best Way To Protect Yourself And Your Whole Neighborhood


Let’s face it. There are those within our society who do not live by the golden rule. They steal, destroy, and shamelessly harm others. Thus, the formation of the neighborhood watch. Is it time for you to join?  

5 reasons join neighborhood watch

I live in an upstanding community comprised mainly of retired military. During the day, many of us didn’t lock our cars or front doors. But things changed after a rash of robberies hit our once quiet subdivision.  The thieves were emboldened to the point of breaking in and assaulting some of our neighbors, in broad daylight, robbing them of cash and other valuables. 

We fought back and formed a neighborhood watch. Now, things have quieted down.

Why join a watch?

  • There will always be people who steal. 
  • Some want cash and will do anything to find it– especially those addicted to drugs. Cash brings in their next fix.
  • Some are on the lookout for an easy-steal vehicle– from your driveway or local parking lot.
  • Others are out for fun at your expense. They vandalize personal and public property just for kicks.
  • And worst of all– some are after others for vengeance, sexual pleasure, or human trafficking.

While none of these reasons are easy or pleasant to speak of, they’re realities that each of us may encounter. If we’ve joined or set up a neighborhood watch, we may be able to prevent such crimes. 

Knowing Our Neighbors for Everyone’s Good

5 reasons join neighborhood watch

When I was growing up, we all knew each other. It seemed that every mom in the neighborhood knew exactly where you were and every dad had the authority to call you out. But we also relied on our neighbors for safety. If anything looked suspicious, we all knew it through the grapevine if not from a knock on our front doors. Then times changed and more and more women entered the workforce. Homes were left empty during the day and no one was chatting at the mailbox or clothesline. 

Then we got busy in the evenings. Two income homes had lots of places to go, social events to attend, and appointments to keep– after work. We stopped knowing our neighbors and our homes were left vacant even longer.

As a grandparent, I’m very vigilant of anything that comes near my grandchildren. I want them to know the carefree childhood I enjoyed without fear of going to grandma’s neighborhood. When our subdivision experienced an increase in thefts, I didn’t join the neighborhood watch just to protect me, and my stuff, but to provide a safe, happy, and healthy place for my grandkids.

Does your neighborhood have a watch?