The Best 5 Ways To Use A Smartphone To Keep In Touch With Your Grandkids


Grandparenting long distance can be worrisome and frustrating but if we use the tools we have in our hands, our smartphones can help hold the hearts of our grandchildren.

long distance grandkids

Seven of my grandchildren live too far away to visit often, so I see them just a few times each year.  But since we all have smartphones, there’s a number of ways we can stay in touch.

One of my favorites is Facetime. I recall when my four-year-old granddaughter got a new dress. It was navy with white polka dots and had a large, pink bow attached to the left hip. And she proudly modeled it.

“See it, grandma?” she kept saying as she twirled round and round on her mother’s bed like a puppy chasing its tail. She also introduced her new shoes when she laid the cell phone down and stepped on it. I got an up-close for sure.

If you’ve never explored the all the nifty keep-in-touch features of your smartphone, it’s time to figure them out. After all, your grandkids are waiting and so are the memories.

Smartphones to the Rescue

long distance grandkids

  • First, take pictures frequently. There’s no need to be dressed up and polished because grandma and grandpa at the store is just as fun as the two of you raking leaves– when it comes to your younger grands.
  • Next, take pictures of things. Send your older grandkids the picture of a sunset or your new car. Ask them for an exchange so you can see what they’re up to.
  • Video – Most of our grandkids love YouTube. They’ll watch anything for a laugh. Make a quick clip of funny faces for your little ones and grandpa telling his worst joke for the older.
  • Facetime – This is where it gets fun. And doesn’t need to be formal. Eat lunch together. Read a book and show the pictures. You can even get your pets involved.
  • Text – I love to shoot a quick text to my older grands anytime day or night. “I know you’re up talking to your boyfriend. Love you more!” And with my little ones I send short words they can read like, CAT, SUN, MOM and then we play word games.

Are your grandkids too far away to hug? Bring them close with your smartphone. Those bits of technology enable a whole lot of togetherness.