3 Core Reasons Why Your Grandchildren Should Try Sports


Are your grandchildren always sitting around with their mobile devices stuck to their face? This is one of the most common problems for this generation. Too much video games and too much internet! And why is that? It is simply because no one is encouraging them to play and try sports enough.

Multi Generation Playing Football In Garden Together - grandparents joining in
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Parents nowadays are so busy working and making a living. This is why it is a great opportunity for both grandma and grandpa to introduce them to sports. You can teach them basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and a lot more! No need to be a professional or an expert; you just have to show them that it’s fun. Having a good time is the prime motivator for kids who join sports and play competitively.

But why do you have to let them participate? Here are three big reasons why your grandkids should experience sports in their lives.

1. Your Grandchildren Will Learn Respect

First and foremost, respect is a huge aspect in any sports. They will learn to abide by the rules, inspire rather than criticize and challenge themselves to do better. All of these promote self-respect.

They will also discover that if they don’t show respect, they won’t get any, too. The more respectful kids are, the more friends they’ll make, and the more people will respect them. In turn, it will improve their attitude significantly – since they learn it from a positive place. So if you have grandchildren that certainly lack this attribute, introduce them to sports.

2. They Will Learn the Importance of Teamwork

In any sport, teamwork is the core reason teams are victorious. A “one man army” just does not exist. No matter how great an athlete your grandchild will be, without being cooperative, failure is at hand. Learning to play as a team will also make your grandchild more patient and understanding of others.

This makes him a considerate and kind person when he grows up. Instead of seeing people’s flaw, your grandchildren will see people’s greatness. This is because in sports, utilizing each player’s strength is one big key to success.

3. They Will See Failure as an Opportunity

Most people who’ve never experienced any type of sport will easily get discouraged. In any sport, there will always be a loser and a winner. If you win, then that’s great. But if you lose, you’ll do better next time. This is one great feature about sports, accepting defeat and at the same time, learning from it.

This is crucial to learn as early as possible. The earlier your grandchildren see that mistakes and failure are normal in life, the more they’ll make of it as an opportunity for improvement. If your grandchildren are easily disheartened by even the smallest failure, make sure to introduce them to sports.

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