6 Tips For Keeping The Grands Safe In Your Home



Is your house safe for your grands? 

If you’re like me, the answer is most likely yes. We don’t keep my cleaning supplies under the sink–quit that years ago. I’ve had toddlers in my house for over twenty years. So, certainly, my house is safe. Right?

Then my baby grand toddler stopped by for the day.

His poor mother chased him almost the entire time they were here. He ran for the stairs every chance he could. 

It didn’t occur to me until then, that we have always had stairs going up–not down. The house my children were raised in had an upstairs. Our house now is a bi-level. We live on the main floor which is upstairs. That makes our staircase much more dangerous. 

We have always had climbers. They wait for you to be distracted by a phone, or not notice, as they slip out of the room really quiet to climb onto a table-top and dance. 

One particular toddler, I was sure was going to land me in jail for child abuse. Without fail, she would climb on our kitchen table–and fall off backward. All before I could catch her. I had nightmares of having to take her into the ER for one too many falls. 

Over at Grandma’s Little Bugs (how cute of a name is that!) she’s dealing with a climber too. 

“Besides moving every object you can think of that will make it easy for your little darling to climb on, I came up with some tips that hopefully, will take the stress out of these challenging toddler years.”

From Grandma’s Little Bugs:

  • Provide safe climbing options

  • Remove smaller objects that can be used as a sort of stepping stool to climb on something else

  • Supervise, but don’t scold or stress out

  • Teach your child how to climb down

  • Distract, Divert…Challenge them with different tasks

  • Accept that, kids will fall

“Toddlers climb, some more than others. It’s a fact and one of the ways they learn about their environment and to gain confidence. After all, they are pretty proud of themselves when they worked so hard to pull themselves up, or climb onto an object.

“In my opinion, it’s pointless to scold them constantly about climbing. One reason being they don’t understand. Another is…why take away a growing milestone? According to Parenting.com, climbing is an important physical milestone that helps a child develop the coordination needed to master skills like walking up steps.  

“I’d like to say that climbing only lasts for a short while, but in reality climbing can last into preschool. My granddaughter is three and she’s still climbing on objects that she shouldn’t. In that case though, she’s old enough to understand that climbing is dangerous and only appropriate outside on the swing set!”

I love her approach. Don’t restrict their climbing and exploring. Give them what they want, in a way that is the safest for them.

Isn’t that part of the joy of being a grandparent?