How To Enrich Your Granddaughters’ Lives Through Imagination




So here’s the truth: I wanted to make a miniature fairy garden. However, it was too close to Christmas that year to justify spending the money on a whim. So I made up this story, and told it to my granddaughter, Averiy. 

It went down something like this. 

One afternoon, I sat my granddaughter Averiy down and told her this story.

I had the funniest thing happen to me today. Her eyes were inquisitive, so I went on to say,  you’ll never guess who came to visit me. I was just sitting in my office writing on my laptop, using my own imagination when a flower fairy flew in and landed on my keyboard. She sat down right on my number seven key, and leaned back against my screen like a chair.

She sat with her head tucked into her arms folded on her knees. It looked like she had been crying. Because her little cheeks were wet. 

Then I asked her what her name was. She said it was, ba…bal…

“Balena?” Averiy jumped in. 

“Yes. Yes that was her name.” I told her.

“She had a…a…” 

“Pink dress!” She blurted out again. 

“Yes.” I said, “I believe it was.”

“Why was she crying?” My granddaughter asked. By this time she had this fairy named and fully dressed in pink flowers. But she was very concerned for her welfare.

So I went on to explain that she lived in grandma’s garden. But it was getting late in the year and all the flowers were now gone. She didn’t have any flowers to tend to. It was time that she went somewhere else where it’s warmer and the flowers are still growing. She had to find flowers that still need her help.

But the problem was that, well, she was worried about her house. Who would take care of a fairy’s house?

That’s when I explained to her that I had a granddaughter that had a very big imagination. 

Averiy’s eyes lit up like a candle. Her head started shaking up and down–yes, yes. She would happily take care of the fairy’s garden for her while she was gone. I promised to pass on the word to Balina. 

Then, I explained that the fairy magic was strongest around Christmas. So all she had to do was to wish hard and keep an eye out for a fairy house. Because it would just appear somewhere in the house. 

And would you believe it did? Sure enough, late that Christmas Day it appeared right next to the Christmas tree after all the presents were unwrapped. 

The wonder and mystery of that fairy house fed my granddaugher’s imagination all throughout the winter months. Of course, that was just until Spring.

Then, just as magically as it arrived, it disappeared. We found it outside amid the newly blooming flowers. To celebrate Balina’s homecoming my granddaughter planted a few more flowers around her house.

I’m thinking it’s about time for the fairy magic to bring that little house back inside.