Crafts with Bottle Caps That Will Make You Befriend the Bartender


Aside from their thirst-quenching (and sometimes intoxicating) contents, these crafts with bottle caps will prove that beverage containers are really priceless.

Whether it’s regular soda, diet cola, or a cheap beer, we love drinking them directly from the bottle. When we pop our drinks open, chances are the caps end up in the garbage bin, never to be seen again.

These bottle caps occupy a lot of landfill space so what better way to help mother nature than making crafts out of things that end up in the garbage, right?

Crafts with Bottle Caps #1: Candles

This DIY project is wicked! (Bad pun intended.)

If you like making your own candles and want to try something like tealight candles, these crafts with bottle caps idea; This is also a nice DIY idea to start a lifelong affair with candlemaking.

You will need paraffin wax (or soy candle wax), wicks, and bottle caps. You may also need crayons if you want colored candles. Make sure to get the wicks that are pre-waxed.

Just melt the wax, add crayon chips, and mix well. While doing this, you may ask someone to put the wicks in the center of the bottle caps.

Next, pour the melted paraffin on the bottle caps, make sure it won’t spill. Wait for it to dry and light it up like the fireworks burning on the Fourth of July. (Yeah, that last phrase was from a song.)

Crafts with Bottle Caps #2: Tabletop Mosaic

Almost every object in this world can be made into a mosaic, right? (Operative word: almost.)

For these projects, it will be a good idea to consume, I mean collect bottle caps of different brands and variants of beer or soda. Invite your friends for a bar-hopping night out and while they’re drinking, befriend the bartenders.

Ask him for bottle caps, and put them in the tote bag you prepared earlier. Haha. (There are other methods, but this one is a good idea, no?)

After gathering your materials, make sure to work on a table with raised edges. Next, put the caps on the top of the table and arrange them like you would do if they were stained glass or mosaic tiles.

When you are finished making the pattern or image you have chosen, pour resin on top of the table gently, making sure the caps won’t move from their position.

Let the resin dry, and wait for compliments.

Crafts with Bottle Caps #3: Wind Chimes

We used to make makeshift tambourines from bottle caps when I was young(er). We would just remove the plastic thingy under the cap, and we would flatten the caps with a hammer.

After flattening those, we would poke a hole in the center of each tile and string them onto a wire hoop. We would use these as instruments.

Anyways, I’m already reminiscing. You could use this concept to make bottle cap wind chimes.

Instead of poking a hole, make two: one on each end you want to tie. String them like seashells and hang them on a ring, or bar.

Wait for the wind to blow and enjoy the sound.

The one pictured above used bottle caps that weren’t flattened. This is also a feasible idea.