Crafts To Inspire You To Create ‘Camp Grandma’



When we began having grandchildren, almost immediately they started coming two and three at a time. It was then, that I dreamed of having a “cousins’ camp.” The idea was to transform my home into a place where the cousins could meet and form some deep bonds. And of course, do some fun crafts.

For years, this has been a goal and desire of mine–just not yet a reality. Now we are the proud grandparents of 27 grandchildren. It’s time to get serious.

I’m determined to hold our cousins camp next year. And not too long ago, I discovered, this is not an original idea. There are plenty of industrious grandparents out there doing their own version. Some call it “Camp Grandma” or “Grandkid’s Camp.”

With my vision anew, here’s the best ideas for practical crafts. 

Thankfully, there are veteran grandmas that have invented some wonderful crafts.


From Grandma Shelly,

“Make something to keep belongings in, says Grandma Shelley, a veteran camper. “The first project at both of my camps is creating a tote, a basket, a bag, or anything that they can place their finished camp projects in. The craft/tote project always includes a space for their name.

The completed totes are then placed all together in a row from youngest to oldest.” The next-to-last activity of Grandma Shelley’s camp is gathering everyone’s belongings together. The grandkids are motivated to participate because the final activity is always something really fun that can only be enjoyed when everything is packed for departure.

Another of Grandma Shelley’s suggestions is to make each child an individual hand washing station, created from two-liter plastic bottles. These come in really handy at Grandma Shelley’s Grandkids Camp Out, since the focus is on outdoor activities, and the grandchildren enjoy using them at home as well.

If you’re like me, I’m not one to make, or buy something, that doens’t have real purpose. These crafts serve duel roles. Not only do they allow for fun while making crafts, but they make grandma’s life so easier and organized while the grandkids are there. 

Who doesn’t need a place to gather everyone’s belongings?

Our first craft will be a decorated box for treasures and belongings.

Whether or not to use a tote, or a box is a matter of priorities. If you use a tote, it will be more durable. It comes with a snap on lid. You also have the choice of clear plastic so the contents can easily be seen by adults on the lookout for frogs, or captive turtles. 

The downside is that slick plastic is harder to decorate. You could be faced with entrusting permanent markers into little hands. Or worse, glue and glitter. 

With cardboard boxes the options for decorating are almost endless. From washable markers for the little ones, to Modge Podge for the older grandchildren. No doubt, their creativity will flourish with better options. 

The downside, of course is durability and no way to really fasten down a lid.

In the end choose what you hope to achieve–to nourish creativity or highly functional organization. Either way, it’s going to be memorable.