2 Creative Story Telling Ideas That Grandkids Love


We love every moment spent with our grandchildren. So, while we look forward to our times together we’ll also want to change things up. Here are a couple fresh ideas for story-telling activities with your grandkids.Activities with grandkids

You start with a family, photo album. Children love to spot themselves and other family members. You can concentrate on just a few pages depending on your grandchild’s age and attention span. Talk about what and who you see. Tell them what you recall about that time period in your families history then try something different. 

Rename each person in the photos and start a make-believe story. Uncle John can become the fictional character, Wumble. And the occasion of the family picnic can transform to a meeting of the inhabitants of planet Swaug. 

Let your grandchild take the lead. It doesn’t have to make sense. It can be a time meant only for laughter or to open the imagination to something more enchanting.

A picture book can be used in the same way. After reading it as written, we can change the name of the characters. Suddenly, the man with the lantern is a grandpa and the woman with fourteen cats is a grandma. It’s amusing to see how our grandson or daughter will write themselves into the plot. The story can reflect a true, family happening or one that lives only between you and your grandchild.

Never too old for story-telling

activities grandson/grandmother

These activities work great with younger children. However, I pulled my twelve-year-old grandson away from the TV and got him to oblige me in “rewriting” a picture book. I learned a lot about his favorite friends and video games and he was reminded that grandma can still lighten his day with humor. 

Mix and match story-telling can also draw together siblings and cousins. While their thoughts are intertwining and entertaining, they’re also creating a family bond and home-spun material for later conversation. 

As you’re planning the next visit with your grandkids, why not freshen up the activities you share with them. Pull out a family album and a favorite picture book. Then gather them up for some free-flowing, fun.