New Research Reveals Why More Doctors Prescribe Yoga For Anxiety And Stress


Struggling with anxiety can feel like a never ending cycle. As fear, panic, and insecurity persist in our lives, we are often left powerless to our own selves. Regardless, we are fully capable of gaining control over our mind and yoga is the perfect tool. Learn how you may stand in your power with a yoga practice.

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Connecting to Self

As a chronic over thinker who has always struggled with shyness and anxiety, yoga has been my lifeline. Nothing is more liberating than leaving a yoga class with a clear and balanced mind. When practiced regularly, I notice a significant difference in my mood and my ability to replace negative thought processes with words of self love and encouragement. The integration of breath and physical asanas also helps to ground my body so I may escape the mind and bring focus to my flighty nature. Each of us bring our own set of limitations to this practice. Yoga is the medium through which we may connect to these dark and beautiful parts of ourselves. With a quiet mind, we may also connect to the root of anxiety and find liberation.

The Science Behind Yoga

More and more doctors are prescribing yoga as a complementary treatment alongside medication. According to a study done by the University of Utah, during an MRI, yoga practitioners showcased the highest pain tolerance and the lowest brain activity relating to pain response. Therefore, yoga alleviates our response to pain, helping to manage sensitivities and symptoms of anxiety.