8 Mindfulness Tips to Help You Feel Grounded


It’s very easy to get lost in thought. Especially when stressful situations seemingly spring out of nowhere. Bringing yourself back to a present moment awareness is just as easy. And using any of the following 8 mindfulness tips to help feel grounded will work miracles. When used collectively, on a daily basis, you’ll notice huge changes in your daily life.

Feel the Ground Beneath Your Feet 

Possibly the simplest of all grounding exercises is bring your awareness to the bottom of your feet. Notice the solidity of the ground you stand on. There aren’t many moments where you are more grounded than when you focus intensely on the present on the bottom of your feet. If you can, take off your shoes and walk in some grass. Doing so will reconnect you with the healing energy of mother earth. You’ll instantly notice changes in how you feel when you pay attention to the bottom of your feet.

Focus On Your Breathing

Next, pay attention to your breathing. Notice the life force of energy you draw with each e in. Then notice the negative energy you exhale as you breathe out. To take breathing to another level, breathe in deeply at a 4 count, then hold it for a 4 count, and breathe out for an 8 count. As you breathe in, take deep belly breaths, filling up your abdomen. Then imagine the oxygen circulating throughout your entire system. After that, push forcefully as you exhale. When you push out your exhales, you engage the lymphatic system, it is the toxin removal system of your body.


It’s important to make yourself smile on a daily basis. Whether you smile through comedy and laughter, looking at someone you love or thinking of a joyful situation, it doesn’t matter. Smiling release endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural pleasure chemical and stimulate the feeling of joy. Even if you have to make yourself smile, that’s OK. Doing that will even help you feel better over time as well.

Touch Something Solid

Another very simple way to pull your attention into the present moment is to grasp something solid. A wooden table for example is very firm. Feel the solidity of it and try to squeeze it, then at the same time think of the space the table is taking up. Notice you are also taking up space and are solid, grounded in the present moment. And that without all the space, nothing would exist. According to Eckhart Tolle, spiritual leader, space is the body of God. When he refers to God, he refers to the Dao Te Ching– or the power that is everything, and at the same time nothing. It is beyond words or explanation, and trying to explain it, negates it. Remember that at all times, you are in this presence. Always safe and always protected.

Focus On the Detail

Without touching or labeling, look at something intensely. Pick something that is very solid. Notice all the contours of your hand and keep it very still. Step outside and look at all of the details of a flower. And at the same time notice how whatever you’re looking at is just there. If you look at a flower, notice how it is not struggling, it is not in toil, it is just there. Then ask yourself, if I were a flower right now, how I would I be?

Notice the Aliveness of Your Body

Next, take a few moments to scan your body. Feel the energy that is keeping it alive. Contemplate the fact that there are trillions of cells within you. All of them are intelligent, and all are there listening to you at any given time. Ready to work with you to accomplish any goal or task. Even while you sleep, your cells are alive and active, taking care of you and keeping you alive. You always have an army of intelligence who has your best interest at heart. And reminding yourself of that while feeling the aliveness of your body is a very easy way to stay grounded.

mindfulness-meditation-infographicAsk Yourself Questions

When you learn to ask yourself the right question, you will start to get the right answers. “Where am I what am I doing,” is a good question to bring your attention to the present. When in a dispute, or negative state, challenge the state and thinking process. If you doubt yourself, ask the question, “What do I have to believe to doubt I can do this?”

The ask yourself, “Is that based on future fears, past results, or my real abilities here in the present moment.” Remember, the past and future are just constructs in your mind. And in the present moment, neither of them hold power unless you give it to them.

Remember Who You Are

Lastly, remember who you are. You are literally creation moving forward through time. Think about the countless circumstances that had to occur to bring you were you’re at. As Eckhart Tolle puts it, “You’ve been put here to experience the divine unfoldment of the Universe in every moment. That’s how important you are.”

You’re not just a part of this Universe, but your’e fundamental to it. Without your consciousness, none of this would exist. And that’s pretty freaking cool. Use these 8 mindfulness tips and you can bring yourself back to where you are at any time.

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