Don’t Miss These 5 Yoga Poses To Fine Tune Your Abs This Holiday


The holiday season isn’t exactly the prime time for flat abs. Although, in between cookies and eggnog, you can work to trim down belly fat and tone the core. Here are five yoga poses to work towards those killer abs. 

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Boat Pose

This is a popular choice for toning the core. Balancing on your sitting bones, you must actively engage the abdominal muscles to maintain the V shape. You will feel your core firing up right away and will notice real results over time.

Bridge Pose

This pose is known to bring energy and fire to the abdomen. As you lift your pelvis to the sky, remember to actively engage the core to protect the lower back and benefit fully from the exercise.

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Side Plank

As you lengthen the side body in this position, the obliques fire and the abs work diligently to stabilize the the weight of the body.

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Floating Triangle

This pose continues to work through the side body, strengthening the obliques and abs as you find length and balance.

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Knee to Arm Plank

Bringing a little more movement to your practice, this pose guides the knee to the outer arm to seamlessly challenge and engage the abs.

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