5 Artists Who Turn Junk Into Stunning Works of Art


Works of art do not only pertain to the masterpieces of famous artists like Da Vinci, van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and Rembrandt. This means that works of art can come from all forms and sizes. The medium does not have to be limited to paint, bronze, ivory, or marble.

If you are into crafting, you know that beautiful things can be made out of useless junk. Crafters upcycle and recycle things that other people would just consider as garbage.

These four artists turned them into artworks worthy of being installed in galleries. (Yours could, too if you follow their examples.)

Sayaka Ganz: Works of Art from Plastic

Sayaka Kanz. Source: http://sayakaganz.com/

Born in Yokohama, Japan, and currently residing in the United States, Sayaka uses plastic trash like spoons and soda bottles into beautiful works of art.

Her sculptures focus mainly on animals with a sense of motion. Her inspiration for doing this came from her Shinto animist belief that all things have a spirit.

She says she feels the urge to make abandoned materials “happy again” when she sees some. The focus of her work is “perceiving harmony even in situations that appear chaotic from the inside.”

You can check her website featuring other works made from plastic here.

Paul Villinski: Works of Art from Aluminum Cans

Paul Villinski. Source: http://www.paulvillinski.com/

Paul Villinski is famous for his works of art involving wall installations of butterflies made from aluminum cans. The cans he uses are from the discards of people from New York.

He also uses other repurposed discarded materials in his works of art.

His lifelong concern for environmental issues. Metaphors of flight and soaring are often portrayed in his artworks because he is a pilot of sailplanes, paragliders, and single-engine airplanes.

You can check his other works here.

Kyle Bean: Playful Works of Art from Everyday Objects

Kyle Bean. Source: https://kylebean.co.uk

Kyle Bean does not focus mainly on junk art, but some of his creations use recycled materials.

His works of art focus on playful arrangements of various materials to create hilarious sculptures or visual puns. He works with a variety of everyday materials to create artistic, and fun interpretations for his various projects.

What Came First by Kyle Bean. Source: https://kylebean.co.uk

You can check his other hilarious works here.

Heather Jansch: Horse Sculptures from Driftwood


Heather translates her love and passion for horses to her driftwood equine sculptures.

In 1972, she discovered her passion for drawing horses when she and her husband transferred to Wales. She says their home being surrounded by stud farms then gave her the opportunity to study horses in-depth.


She said her drawings back then lacked something she wanted so she experimented with sculpture. Jansch started with other media before falling in love with driftwood.

Guerra de la Paz: Art Made from Old Clothes

Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. Both live and work in Miami, Florida.

Guerra de la Paz is the combination of the Cuban-born American artists-collaborators Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. I know, I’m wondering if this is a conincidence also. Peace and War. Guerra and Paz. Cool.

This duo “applies an essential sense of duality to lush, multilayered artworks.” The main medium they use for their works of art are old clothes

Pieta by Guerra de la Paz.

This started whenthey transferred their studio to Miami. They were surrounded by businesses selling secondhand clothes. These companies would throw out countless apparels everyday.

Their artworks focus on themes like conflict and unity among others.

You can check their website here.