POKEMON GO BASICS: How to use Lures in Pokémon GO

By Jasmin Nato | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-25

Lure Modules are items in Pokémon GO that will increase the spawn rate of Pokémon near a Pokéstop. Trainers will get their first Lure Module once they hit Level 8 and will get more once they reach levels 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40. Currently, Lure Modules cannot be obtained from Pokéstops, and if you want more Lures without getting them from the level up rewards, you will need to spend Pokécoins on the shop to buy them.

Using Lure Modules is simple, simply tap any Pokéstop within your range and press on the white space above the Pokéstop’s core. Pokéstops with active Lure Modules are more noticeable from other Pokéstops as they will have an area with falling petals around them. This area will affect not just you, but other trainers in range of that area and you will all experience the benefits of the Lure Module, which is a drastically increased spawn rate of Pokémon. Do note, however, that Lure Modules will only last for 30 minutes.

Beginner trainers are advised to save up their Lure Modules up until a point where they can master catching Pokémon to maximize the benefit they can gain from Lure Modules. If you have several friends who also play Pokémon GO and have Lure Modules saved up, you have make a Lure Drop Party. Wherein you can all hang out for hours at a place with a nearby Pokéstop and everyone pitches in to place a Lure Module on the Pokéstop every time it runs out. Lure drop parties don’t just help you to level up your trainer, you can make friends and have a great time with it too.

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