Region Exclusive Pokémon


We love that Pokémon GO is giving us a reason to go out and walk for our Pokémon, getting us even more invested in our Pokémon. But did you know that there are Pokémon that you won’t encounter unless you actually go out and explore the world? Niantic has already set 4 Pokémon to be region-specific. Yes, to “catch ‘em all” you’d need to travel to 3 other continents or 4 if you’re unlucky and live in a continent without an exclusive Pokémon.

1. Tauros: North America


Tauros are very common in North America. There are reports that they are more commonly seen on very large expanses and rarely in cities and parks. There are debates on whether they can also be seen in South America but so far, there are no confirmations from Niantic about the Issue.

2. Mr. Mime: Europe


Mr. Mimes are very widespread in European cities. There’s a very high chance of encountering one in an airport even if you’re just there for a connecting flight. You can even find a Mr. Mime next to an actual Mime if you visit Paris.

3. Farfetch’d: Asia


Farfetch’d can easily be found on a lot of countries especially since Asia is a big continent. The closer you get to Japan, the more Farfetch’d you’d run into. It’s also common in South Korea.

4. Kangaskhan: Australia


Well, of course, the continent down under will get the Pokémon based on the kangaroo. If mega-evolution is implemented, I know where I’m going to catch a region exclusive Pokémon. Kind of disappointing though since I was expecting a Poison-type to be an Australia exclusive given how deadly all of their critters are.

How about other continents?

Note that all the region exclusive Pokémon can be found in the R/B/Y games either from a one-off trade (Farfetch’d and Mr. Mime) or from the Safari zone (Tauros and Kangaskhan). Sorry, South American, African and Antarctic (are there even any Pokéstops there?) trainers, but your regions don’t have any exclusive Pokémon yet. Maybe gen 2 release will bring you the Pokémon? We’ll see!


How to catch these region-exclusive Pokémon?

Our friends in Eurogamer created this awesome table which shows where you can encounter these region-exclusive Pokémon – a helpful guide if you’re travelling!




Encounter Locations



North America


Generally everywhere, some reports of it appearing in expansive, desert-like or rodeo-related areas

The general word is that this includes all of North America, but whether or not it appears in South American countries is still up for debate.




Generally everywhere, with reports indicating it’s appearing in cities and parks in particular

There’s some debate here over whether Kangaskhan is exclusive to just Australia, or Australasia as a whole, with some differing anecdotal chatter from people in New Zealand.

Mr. Mime



Generally everywhere, including city centres like London

Yes, the UK still counts as being in Europe; we voted out of the EU, not the continent.




Generally everywhere, being a normal type. Reports of Farfetch’d appearing in city centres and parks in particular, likely due to its part Flying typing.

Japan and South Korea seem to be particularly abundant places. There are some pretty large numbers of people reporting Farfetch’d appearing en masse in Japan since their servers went live. It’s not clear at this point if the entirety of Asia will be benefitting from the same kind of numbers.




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