POKEMON BASICS: Claiming Gyms From Rival Teams



Battling enemy gyms in Pokémon GO is a surefire way to measure up how well you are doing your job as a Pokémon trainer. Whenever any team claims a certain gym, the gym’s color changes to their color, Blue for team Mystic, Yellow for Team Instinct and Red for Team Valor. A trainer can attack any gym that does not display their team’s color.


Before you attack a gym, you might want to check out the gym’s defending Pokémon. BY tapping on the gym and then swiping left or right, you can scan the defending Pokémon and judge if your team can take on those Pokémon. Always consider your Pokémon’s type advantages (or disadvantages) against the defending Pokémons not just how high the CP is.


If you successfully take down all the gym’s defending Pokémon, it will lower that gym’s prestige. By lowering the gym’s prestige beyond certain levels, you can lower the number of defenders and make conquering it easier for your teammates. If a gym’s prestige goes lower than 0, the team of the player who lowered it will now own the gym and they can leave some of their Pokémon in the gym to defend it against rival teams. Strengthen your Pokémon so that you can conquer more rival gyms and let your team dominate more.

Image Source: IBTimes UK