6 Pokémon That You Definitely Want For Your Party



With Pokémon GO nearing 2 months now, most gyms are already conquered by very strong opponents. Everyone needs the strongest Pokémon they can find to conquer really powerful gyms. Players have discovered that Pokémon Go stats seem to be fairly similar to the original game, giving us insight on how Pokémon rank according to their highest Attack, Defense and HP (hit points, health or stamina). Without further ado, here are the 6 strongest Pokémon (CP-wise) that you will want to include on your attacking team.

6. Vaporeon


Vaporeon is the eeveelution with the highest CP gain per level right now. With this in mind, if you have a Water Gun/ Hydro Pump Vaporeon, you’ll easily shut down any Fire Pokémon that’ll cross your path.

5. Exeggutor


Evolving an Exeggcute will produce an Exeggutor. Notably, in the original game it is said that this Pokémon came from the tropics and grows larger from exposure to strong sunlight. With a Grass/Psychic type combination, you’ll easily shut down Fighting, Ground, Water and Poison types but beware of Bug moves as Exeggutor has a double weakness to them.

4. Lapras


Lapras is one of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon GO with a 0.00006% chance to spawn and no pre-evolutions to evolve from, you’d better hope you hatch one form a 10-km egg. Lapras’ Ice-typing is very strong as it’s a Dragon killer, even more important that in generation 1 Ice types are the 3rd rarest type behind Ghost and Dragon.

3. Arcanine


Like the best dog you’ll ever find, once you get an Arcanine, you’ll never want to let go of it. In reality, Arcanine isn’t just for show; it’s a powerhouse boasting a nice HP bulk and very strong attack moves. Being a pure Fire-type, you’ll only need to watch out for a very few Pokémon, namely  Water, Ground and Rock types.

2. Snorlax


While it wasn’t a surprise to see Snorlax in the rare Pokémon list (seeing as there’s only 2 of them in the Red / Yellow / Blue games), it IS a surprise seeing Snorlax here. While being slow, Snorlax is a very defensive Pokémon and it is  very possible that Snorlax can endure taking on 3 enemy Pokémon thanks to its very high HP and great Defense stats.

1. Dragonite


Being generation 1’s strongest Dragon-type Pokémon, it’s not really a surprise that Dragonite has the highest CP out of all the non-Legendary Pokémon. Dragonites at max level can have CP around 3,500 and will generally wreck most other Pokémon.  Just be wary of Ice-type Pokémon since Dragonite has a double weakness to Ice being a Dragon/Flying Pokémon.

What? No Legendaries?

Lastly, our friends in The Sliph Road confirms that most of the top stat Pokemon are legendaries. However, Mewtwo and other legendaries like Mew, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos are confirmed to be programmed on the game. (Through data mining.) But they are yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, we mostly focused on the Pokémon that we know have been confirmed by players to have caught or hatched. Then again, they are most likely to appear on the next game updates or future event in games.


Bulbapedia for all the pictures