4 Tips to Follow When Going on a Long Pokémon GO Trip




Pokémon GO encourages us to travel far and wide. And is there an even more perfect combination than road trips and Pokémon GO? Don’t think that just because you’re going to an unfamiliar place that you won’t be enjoying it. In fact, with Pokémon GO as your guide, local Pokéstops are there for you to discover. Maybe you can even socialize with other trainers of your and rival teams by hanging out at Pokémon gyms. But before you get going, here are 5 tips you can follow to prepare for any Pokémon journey you’re going to take.

Have a Power Bank Handy

With the rise of technology, the batteries of our smartphones today can hold a lot more power then they ever have had. It is not uncommon for smartphones to have a capacity exceeding 3,000 mA-h. Unfortunately, our smartphones are also a lot more power-hungry especially with recent apps like Pokémon GO requiring you to have both location services and an internet connection, which on the road means you’ll have to turn on mobile data. Your phone’s battery won’t last long under such an onslaught of power drain. Fortunately, there are power banks you can buy that can charge your phone for you on the go. Android Central’s list on power banks with the highest charge are especially useful if your whole family plays Pokémon GO.

Turn Down Your Location Services to Low Accuracy

Even if you have a power bank handy, you’ll still want to minimize your power drain especially if you’re on a long road trip. And when you’re moving too fast and just want to sporadically catch the Pokémon you pass, turning down the accuracy of your phone’s location services is a good idea. Just don’t forget to turn it back to high when you’ve arrived on your destination.

Check For Pokémon Nests Along Your Route

On a long drive, everyone gets bored, and it’s not just the designated driver. So stopping on a Pokémon nest will be the perfect break for Pokémon trainers on the road. This Google maps section is dedicated to tracking Pokémon nests. Currently, only the U.S., Europe and some parts of Australia have data on them. Tough luck if you don’t live in those countries though.

Stock Up on Pokéballs and Incubators

Given that you’ll be catching a lot of Pokémon and hatching most of your eggs, odds are that your supply of Pokéballs and Incubators will run dry. Pokéstops on the road might be difficult to catch and spin if you’re travelling at speed. Stocking up on Pokéballs beforehand might be a good way to extend your supply. And especially when you’re low on Pokéballs, don’t force yourself to do trickshots for exp. You might just regret wasting your Pokéballs when a rare Pokémon shows up.

Image Source: http://pixelpheasant.deviantart.com/