Crazy News About Pokémon GO


bulbasaur crazy

No doubt, Pokemon GO is groundbreaking. Who else would’ve thought that it would also be mind breaking? People all over the world are going crazy over Pokemon GO, some more than others. Here’s 4 stories that you won’t believe happened.

1. Japanese Olympian Charged $5,000 For Playing Pokémon GO


Seven-time Olympic Medalist, Uchimura Kohei, has had a great time in the Rio Olympics this year, the Japanese men’s team won the Gold for Gymnastics. And apparently, he’s been playing Pokémon GO a lot in Rio, he’s racked up a $5,000 charge on his mobile plan for roaming data. Thankfully, his provider let him switch to an overseas plan which only costs $30 a day.

2. Players Using Drones to Play


Another trending new technology are civilian drones. Drone hobbyists have combined their love of drones and Pokémon GO. While rudimentary setups can be regular drones with smartphones attached to them. TRNDlabs have produced a product called Pokédrone  which combines your smartphone and let’s it use the drone’s GPS data via Wi-Fi connection so you can catch those unreachable Pokémon without you ever having to put yourself in danger.

3. Pokémon GO beat Porn in Popularity


Screencaps of Google Trends from way back in July show that interest for Pokémon GO is massive. At times Pokémon GO have even beat daily searches for porn. I don’t know if I should be proud or feel creeped out by that data, do you?

4. Niantic Being Sued for Players Trespassing


A New Jersey resident, James Marden, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Niantic back in July 29. And it seems that more people are filing lawsuits against Niantic. Michigan residents,  Scott Dodich and Jayme Gotts-Dodich, are also filing lawsuit because nearby parks went from low-traffic to being filled with people playing Pokémon GO.


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