4 More Bad Pokémon Go Advice That You Should Stop Listening To


Whenever Pokémon GO updates itself and adds more content, more rumors are sure to follow. Some of them will eventually turn out to be true, no doubt, boatloads of them will be false and some even counterproductive. While previously we’ve debunked some bad Pokémon GO rumors, like weeds, bad rumors just seem to pop up constantly and we’ve got some more lawn mowing to do today.


Reusing a Pokéball

No doubt that you’ve seen it too, holding your finger on your smartphone’s screen after you’ve thrown a Pokéball draws that thrown Pokéball back to your hand like a yo-yo. While visually it may look like you’re reusing your thrown Pokéball, it’s just the app reusing assets instead of deleting and remaking that Pokéball. You can easily confirm this just by looking if your Pokéball counter on the lower part of your screen drops or stays the same. Besides, Pokéballs are very plentiful, there’s no need to cheat the system when you’re given more than what you need, to the point that you need to keep your Pokéballs below a certain number or your bag will simply overflow with the stuff.


Legendary Pokémon Can Be Caught

Rumors abound of people catching Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo or Mew. Those rumors are as true as Mewthree is. While the fuel for this fire might just be that stats of the Legendary Pokémon are already posted online, those  are just really the product of data mining and not actual people catching and leveling up those Legendary Pokémon. If Legendary Pokémon are actually catchable, it is theorized by a lot of players that it will be through events and not just random encounters.


The Current Weather Will Change Spawns

While Biomes are a thing in Pokémon GO that affect which Pokémon can spawn nearby, rumors abound that the weather will also affect which Pokémon will spawn. People say that rainy weather will increase the chance of Water Pokémon to spawn, such as Psyduck and Poliwag. Such rumors aren’t really true. Just think about it, weather prediction isn’t 100% accurate. If Pokémon GO will somehow include weather into its spawn predictions, they would need a lot of people to report the current weather for different areas, and Niantic wouldn’t have that much manpower available to them.


Region-specific Pokémon Can’t Be Obtained Unless You Travel

It is very admirable that Pokémon GO has us walking all over the place. However, it is a very lofty ideal that Pokémon GO would want us to travel all over the world. True, there are region-specific Pokémon, namely: Tauros, Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan for North America, Europe, Asia and Australia respectively. But you don’t necessarily need  to travel to those continents to get one. There is always the possibility of hatching one from an egg. So with a bit of luck, you can catch ‘em all. And without having to travel to the other parts of the world!