In Pokémon GO, you can attack a rival team’s gyms so of course they can attack your gyms too, but did you know that  you can do something to help your team’s gyms? While you can assign powerful Pokémon to defend gyms, there’s a limit to how many Pokémon can be placed, if you can raise that gym’s prestige level, then more slots for defenders will open.

If you want to raise the prestige of a gym under your team’s control you will have to train that gym’s defending Pokémon. In any ally gym, you can do a 1-vs-1 battle with a defender Pokémon against your Pokémon. Winning this battle will raise the gym’s prestige, raise it to a high enough level and you will unlock more slots for defender Pokémons to be placed in that gym. Remember that you can earn Pokécoins as defender bonuses and that the more Pokémon defending a gym, the stronger is its defense.

Reinforcing your team’s gyms is also a great way to earn exp for your trainer. It has been noted that the exp earned is always 10% of the prestige earned in a friendly battle. The maximum prestige you can earn is 1,000 prestige points and therefore, you can earn 100 exp at max. Do note that using a low CP Pokémon to train against a higher CP defender is the best way to guarantee getting that maximum earnings, and always remember to use type advantages to your benefit. So the next time there are no lures nearby, you can hit up the gym to earn that sweet sweet exp and help your team to dominate in the process.

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