POKEMON GO BASICS: Incense vs. Lures

By Jasmin Nato | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-25

Incenses and Lures are items in Pokémon GO that are used to attract more Pokémon. They are both premium items meaning that you can’t get either from Pokéstops and can only be obtained as level up rewards or by spending Pokécoins at the shop. Let’s explore how incenses and lures differ from each other.

Incenses are items that will attract Pokémon to you depending on how fast you are moving. When your trainer is stationary, Pokémon will spawn at a rate of 1 per 5 minutes. Most important of all, incenses can be used anywhere, anytime.

Lures or more formally known as Lure modules also increase the spawn rate of Pokémon, their biggest difference to incenses are that they need to be used on a Pokéstop to function. Lure modules also increase the spawn rate of Pokémon for other players within the range of the Pokéstop its used on.

While incenses and lures have different effects, they can actually be used together to increase the spawn rate of Pokémon dramatically. Just be sure to have a lot of Pokéballs on hand so you can catch all Pokémon that spawn.

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