POKEMON GO BASICS: How to Get and Use Candy and Stardust

By Jasmin Nato | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-24


We have discussed in a previous article about leveling up and evolving your Pokémon and to do both, you need stardust and candies. Obtaining more stardust and more candies is important if you want your Pokémon to get stronger: resources is also important to the game.


Stardust is the main resource for leveling up your Pokémon. Stardust can be obtained in 3 ways: catching, hatching and defending. Catching Pokémon awards you with 100 stardust for each catch not matter how rare the Pokémon is, meaning that catching a Pidgey will award the same amount of stardust as catching a Dragonite. However, farming stardust from catching may be slow it is also constant and the most common way to stockpile that much needed resource. Hatching eggs also gives you stardust. Depending on the type of egg, obtained stardust can vary within a range capping off at 2,000 for 10km eggs. Defending gyms can also award you with stardust. Every 21 hour period that a gym remains under your team’s control and contains one of your Pokémon, you will get a defender bonus that contains Pokécoins and Stardust which you can collect by tapping the shield icon on the upper right corner of the shop screen.


Pokémon candies can also be obtained in 3 ways: catching, hatching and transferring. Every Pokémon catch will award you with 3 candies of that Pokémon’s base species. Catching a Charmander will give you 3 Charmander candies, catching a Charizard, which is Charmander’s final form, also gives you 3 Charmander candies. Candies from hatching eggs is more or less the same as stardust, the higher distance eggs will yield more candies. 2 kilometer eggs will give you 5 to 15 candies, 3 kilometer eggs will award 10 to 21 candies and 10 kilometer eggs yield 16 to 32 candies. Transferring Pokémon will always yield 1 candy, be careful though as this will delete that Pokémon from your roster forever and you can never get that particular Pokémon back.

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