Pokémon GO is one of the few apps that requires people to play it outside their house, without our house’s Wi-Fi connection, we’re forced to use our phone’s data plan for Pokémon GO. While it may not take up much, Pokémon GO still eats up data more than other games do and it is a very wise investment to learn how to minimize your data consumption. Without anymore delays, here’s some tricks to help you curb Pokémon GO’s data hunger:


Close Other Unnecessary Apps

Tech savvy users might already have this as second nature, but to the common smartphone user, closing other apps might not occur naturally. To put it simply, apps in the background might still communicate with their servers and will use your internet connection to do so. While this will reduce your data usage, it will also free up more of your phone’s RAM leading to a smoother Pokémon GO experience.


Turn Location Services to Low Accuracy

High-accuracy data uses not only GPS, but cell tower triangulation, the location of internet services near you to accurately pinpoint your location. This method not only uses a ton of data but also drains your phone’s battery faster. Switching the location accuracy will no doubt reduce data usage but you need to know when to turn it up to high accuracy, especially when battling gyms unless you want to get interrupted in the middle of your match when your character moves too far away from the gym.


Don’t Update On The Go

Currently, Pokémon GO allows users to play the game without the latest update. You can use this quirk to avoid incurring more data charges than necessary just by waiting to get home before updating. You may miss out on some things the update introduces, but at most it will only be for a limited time or you can just find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot provider and update there instead of using your mobile data plan.


Limit Your Connection Speed

Some devices can let their users specify which connection speed or bandwidth they will use for mobile data. By limiting you phone’s mobile data speed to 3G or HSDPA, you can avoid very large data transfers. Pokémon GO doesn’t need a 4G connection to play, what Pokémon GO needs is the speed at which your phone refreshes the data and a 3G connection is most likely more than enough for that job.


Be on the Constant Look-out for Wi-Fi Hotspots

Part of minimizing your data usage is always hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots. With Pokémon GO, this is a lot more rewarding as not only can you save up data when you go hang out in that coffee shop with free Wi-Fi, most establishments like that also have a Pokéstop nearby. In most cases, Pokéstops with a nearby hangout place are likely to have lures on them at most times, so not only are you saving up on data, you’re also catching more Pokémon .

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