MS-13 As Bad As Al-Qaeda

MS-13 Gang Members | Photo Credit United Gangs “MS-13 are the equivalent in their meanness to Al-Qaeda,” said President Trump, back on the campaign trail. This gang, made up most of illegal immigrants have been conducting murders in New York on a regular basis. The gang uses violence as a tool, with no regard for any type of moral decency.

There are kids in working class neighborhoods being brutally killed by MS-13 in Suffolk County, as well as other parts of the country. Various Sanctuary Cities are essentially sheltering these gang members, as they are also illegals.

Fox asked the question, “What is being done right now to combat this deadly gang, mostly made up of illegal immigrants?”

Suffolk County Responds To Murderous Gang

Suffolk County Police Benevolent rep Noel Digerolamo revealed:

“MS-13 originated in El Salvador, but now they recruit whoever they can get from their community. They really do prey on the young immigrants in the community to recruit them in, through fear and intimidation of the consequence if they don’t [join]. This started in the 1980s. It was a West Coast problem originally and has slowly migrated throughout the nation.”

“Like I was saying, they really do focus on fear and intimidation. Then, they will brutalize their victims if they don’t. They’re nothing more than savages that will try to make their mark by being as brutal as devastating as they can to the individual to try and send a message to the rest of the community.”

AG Jeff Sessions Vows To Eliminate Immigrant Gang

Jeff Sessions | Photo Credit Slate

The New York Times reports:

“The attorney general of the United States, Jeff Sessions, came on Friday to this Long Island area besieged by the transnational gang known as MS-13, and in a 20-minute speech to local police commissioners and sheriffs vowed to eradicate the gang by cracking down on illegal immigration.”

“Mr. Sessions said the gang, which is linked to El Salvador, carries a threat similar to the Colombian cartels and the mafia. He said it smuggled gang members across the United States border and recruited young immigrants. His message was familiar, and it bore the wishes of President Trump, who Mr. Sessions said was “particularly alert to” the violence affecting Suffolk County, where the bodies of four young men who had been brutally killed were found near a park on April 13.”

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