Sadie Robertson may have just broken her social media fast, judging by a recent post on Instagram.

Sadie Robertson in a photo posted to her Instagram account — was it her?

We reported earlier that Sadie would be taking a break from social media until her birthday on June 11. 

“I just kind of feel like I need to take a step away from social media,” she said in a Instagram video.

She went on to explain why she’d be leaving social media for such a long time.

“I just need to get away,” she said. “And just really focus on my life and just invest in my friendships and invest in my family and invest in my relationship with the Lord.”

Okay, those are really good reasons. But now she may have lost focus. Just a few weeks into her fast, she seems to have broken that promise to herself.

Now, she also said that her friends would be running her social media profiles, so seeing a post here and there from her account was no shock. But one of the photos posted on her Instagram may have revealed that she’s back.

“It’s officially perfect picnic weather!” the caption says. “Throw on a hat, some birks, and the perfect little dress from my [Wild Blue Denim] collection [Rue 21]. Make a sandwich and go enjoy the beauty outside.”

But then the caption was signed “Sadie” with a sun emoji before it and a pink heart emoji after it…

What’s happening here?

It’s officially perfect picnic weather! Throw on a hat, some birks, and the perfect little dress from my @wildbluedenim collection @rue21official . Make a sandwich and go enjoy the beauty outside ☀️- Sadie ?

A post shared by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on Apr 21, 2017 at 3:26pm PDT

Was this her, or was it one of her friends posting on her behalf and quoting her? 

It’s not definite, but it sure seems like it was Sadie. But this would mean she broke her fast, and it’s not like Sadie to break her word.

Until we get more info to report, it seems like she’s back online — we’ll see how long it lasts.

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