Former Quarterback Now Has Time To Give Back

Colin Kaepernick | Photo Credit Washington Times Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick hasn’t found a new job, but that doesn’t keep him out of the spotlight. In a twist to the stories about Kaepernick that usually only touch on his protests, he’s finally giving back to the community.

Outside of a parole office in New York City, Kaepernick has been donating some of his old suits to help others find work. The NFL star’s “Know Your Rights Camp” campaign is trying to help parolees find employment.

An Instagram post reveals that these donations will make parolees “better equipped to achieve gainful employment [to] live more productive lives.”

Kaepernick Isn’t Signed, But Helps Community

Colin Kaepernick | Photo Credit Instagram

The Instagram post read:

“Colin Kaepernick donates custom-made suits outside a New York City parole officeVia The start of the NFL season is about three months away and free agent Colin Kaepernick is still on the market. While he waits to see if he’ll get signed, Kaepernick is keeping up with his commitment to help empower communities in need.”

“About two days ago, Kaepernick stopped outside of a New York City parole office and donated two large boxes of his custom made suits. The donation benefits 100 Suits, an organization that provides free business attire to men and women who are in the job search process. The Instagram account for 100 Suits posted that the quarterback was at parole office in Queens. That’s love!!!!”

Productive Season Off The Field

Colin Kaepernick | Photo Credit Sports Illustrated

SB Nation reports:

“It continues what’s been a highly productive offseason for Kaepernick. In March, he helped get an airplane to fly food and water to Somalia. A GoFundMe page was raised to purchase water, food, and other supplies to send. The page surpassed its $2 million goal in just four days.”

“Not long after making the donation, Donald Trump criticized Kaepernick, saying that teams wouldn’t sign him because they “don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump.” Just a few days later, the quarterback donated $50,000 to Meals on Wheels.”

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