Homemade Treats

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We recently published a story, that highlighted the drama unfolding in Ivanka Trump’s DC neighborhood. Outraged by the constant hassles that come with Secret Service protection, the first daughter’s neighbors wanted her out. But, like her father, Ivanka knows exactly how to win people over.

To ease tensions with her unhappy Kalorama neighbors, Ivanka and her children dropped off baked goods and a personal apology. One particular resident, Rhona Friedman, was very upset about the parking problem created by Ivanka’s Secret Service detail. She repeatedly emailed the city after “no parking” signs showed up in front of her home.

However, after meeting Ivanka, she has a totally different view of who she is. “Lovely, just lovely,” says Friedman. “People who know her say the same thing: that she’s very gracious.” The move no doubt solidified Ivanka’s reputation as a “peacekeeper” and “goodwill ambassador.”

Adding fuel to the fire, neighbors also had to endure recent protests in their community, sponsored by an environmental activist group. They held a “gay dance party” in the streets, holding signs urging Ivanka to walk her kids to school. An elderly gentleman living in the gated community had a verbal altercation with a journalist covering the protest. Nevertheless, through it all Ivanka has remained…

Kind and Gracious

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Friedman was not the only neighbor Ivanka visited. With daughter Arabella, and sons Joseph and Teddy, she went door-to-door offering homemade treats to ease the tensions. Naturally, it worked like a charm. Who doesn’t like fresh baked treats and good conversation, right?Sadly, the first daughter is no stranger to controversy.

Her fashion empire and reputation have been the targets of vicious boycotts and verbal attacks. In addition, she was recently booed on stage in Germany while participating in a roundtable discussion on women’s rights with German President, Angela Merkel. Yet despite it all, she has managed to come out stronger than ever.  Seems negotiating skills run in the family as well.

Listen to Ivanka discuss her passion for empowering women:


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