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Photo credit: Campus Reform It’s becoming harder to remember a time in America where the freedom to read all books, and openly practice one’s Christian faith, as part of education were celebrated. While reading (certain) books hasn’t been outright banned, the Bible has become a favorite target of leftist professors. At Northern Arizona University, it is apparently acceptable to read about world history, just not spiritual history.

Mark Holden, a 22-year old history major, was forced to quit because he was reading his Bible-before class. Holden told Fox News that he regularly reads the Good Book before his classes, and he always makes sure to put it away five minutes before start time. However, that was not good enough for NAU Professor, Heather Martel, who was offended by Holden’s spirituality.

If you look at Martel’s biography, it explains everything. She is a noted scholar, currently developing an essay titled “The Gender Amazon: Indigenous Female Masculinity in Early Modern European Representations of Contact.” Martel also teaches classes in Global Queer History and Feminist Theory.

Martel demanded that Holden put his Bible away and that he refrain from reading it in her lecture hall. When Holden refused, Martel went crying to Department Chair, Derek Heng. In true liberal style, the professor blamed Holden’s behavior on…

Trump’s America

Source Credit: Unilad

Sadly, this was not Holden’s first run-in with Professor Martel. Prior to this incident, Martel was angered by Holden when he refused to agree with her position on assimilation. The professor asserted that forcing immigrants to assimilate was “oppressive and evil,” while Holden argued that they were both “positive and negative aspects” to assimilation.

Holden cited a report about two Muslim men in California who reportedly said the Koran justified doing terrible things to women, as support for his position. “She told me I was a racist and she would not tolerate that kind of racism in the class,” Holden said.

Not surprisingly, Martel told the class, “Welcome to Trump’s new America – where straight white males can say prejudicial things without being reprimanded for it.” Ultimately, Holden ended up withdrawing from the class. Another victim of Obama’s America, where being a white, straight, Christian male is an incomprehensible crime to liberal bullies.

Listen to Holden’s conversation with Dr. Heng:


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