Alan Robertson, the eldest son of Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson, will be speaking in Florida pretty soon. And if you’re in the area, you won’t want to miss it.

Alan RobertsonAlan and Lisa Robertson during one of their many interviews after becoming well-known from Duck Dynasty Alan is known as the beardless brother because he shaves his face when it’s not during duck hunting season. Al (as they affectionately call him) was a pastor for 22 years at the Robertson’s home church, White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, LA. But he was drafted to the Duck Commander roster, which included more of a role on Duck Dynasty (which he didn’t join until season 4).

Al actually was crucial in the success of the family business early on in the 70s and 80s. Back then, he and Phil would travel around Louisiana and Arkansas selling Phil’s homemade duck calls.

“These calls are the best because they sound just like a duck!” they’d say during their sales pitch to stores.

And those communication and people skills he honed back then are still coming in handy.

Al and his wife, Lisa (who calls herself the “the original Robertson daughter-in-law”) will be visiting Journey Christian Church in Apopka, FL, on April 22-23 to communicate the Good News to attendees.

Al Robertson, the pastor turned Duck Commander (photo via Duck Commander)

Al and Lisa have written devotional books, books all about the Robertson family, and a book about their own story called A New Season.

Alan RobertsonScreen shot Alan and Lisa Robertson Interview

They’ve been married for over 32 years, and their passion is still to travel the country helping others flourish in their marriages. They share the breakdowns, forgiveness, and redemption of their own relationship in order to help others.

For this event, Al and Lisa will greet everyone at their book table after the worship services.

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