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Image result for zoe perry laurie metcalfphoto by zimbio.com Zoe Perry is set to play Sheldon Cooper’s mother on the new Sheldon spin-off series. The famous actress has two acting parents to emulate. She spoke about how she prepared for the role. She even mentioned talking to Laurie Metcalf about the infamous Mary Cooper.

Zoe Perry is the New Mary Cooper

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Zoe Perry has officially been cast as the new Mary Cooper for the Sheldon spin-off set to air on CBS. The show will follow a nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper as he attends the local high school. Set to play Sheldon is Iain Armitage, a young and brilliant actor. 

Zoe follows in the footsteps of her two actor parents, Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry. Jeff plays Cyrus Bean on ABC’s Scandal, and currently, Zoe is guest starring on the series as well. It appears this family likes to work together. Zoe had previously appeared in Private Practice and The Family.

Perry’s Audition For the Part

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Although Zoe Perry seems like a shoe-in to portray a younger version of her mother, the actress admitted she had a normal audition process like any other actress. She told EW.com “I went in and auditioned for the casting directors and for [executive producers] Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro. Then, the rest is my lucky history.”

Perry does admit that she asked her mother for a little help. Who wouldn’t? She said, “I did run one of the scenes with her because I was curious to hear her accent doing it…Although I actually didn’t have her read the lines because then that would’ve just stuck in my head. But I made her talk a little bit and I rewatched some of her stuff.”

We certainly think she’ll do a great job. Will you be watching for Zoe Perry on the new Sheldon spin-off?

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