YOUNG SHELDON TRAILER Goes Incredibly Viral With 22 Million Views

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It seems like fans are eager to see Young Sheldon. The Young Sheldon trailer premiered last week, and quickly went viral on Facebook.

The Young Sheldon trailer quickly went viral last week after the CBS Upfronts presentation. The five minute and fifteen second video has been viewed over 22 million times on Facebook, and has been creating quite the buzz on social media.

The first look begins with a few classic Sheldon Cooper moments. We see Sheldon at the white board, acting out his equations like sports plays. We see him looking dapper in an untied bow tie. We also hear Jim Parsons narrating, and epic superhero music begins to play. The words “Every Hero Has A Beginning” flash across the screen, and a segment from Fun With Flags  plays.

The first 25 seconds of the trailer are entirely Big Bang Theory-esque with Super hero themes and slap-happy comedy. However, as the flashback begins we are taken into a very different world. The Young Sheldon trailer informed fans that the new Sheldon spin-off series will be totally different from its parent show.

Yes, we still hear Jim Parsons narrating as Sheldon Cooper, with the same know-it-all tone and ironic sarcasm. However, we see Iain Armitage in a peaceful, quiet, and somber way.

A New Moral Compass

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Young Sheldon looks more reserved, less flashy, and quietly charming compared to its TBBT  counterpart. While TBBT is mostly just focused on cheap laughs and sex euphemisms, Young Sheldon seems to have a moral compass. 

It’s hard to tell fan’s reactions to the Young Sheldon trailer. Those 22 million views could definitely signify a positive response, but at the same time, it may just show that people are really curious about how this spin-off will turn out.

Have you seen the new Young Sheldon trailer?

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