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Young Sheldon Spoilers- What To Expect From The Big Bang Theory Spin-Off

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-11

Young Sheldon is set to premiere on Monday September 25th, following TBBT.

Here’s what fans can expect from The Big Bang Theory spin-off.

Young Sheldon Premieres

Young Sheldon will premiere in September, and many fans are wondering what to expect of this new TBBT spin-off series. 

Iain Armitage, a bright young upcoming child star, will play a young Sheldon Cooper. The actor has been working closely with Jim Parsons on perfecting Sheldon’s various quirks. We can be sure the prequel will follow the regular series closely, as it’s produced by the same people.

Jim Parsons actually came up with the idea for the series and pitched it to Chuck Lorre. Both Hollywood men seem excited for the project. 

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Zoe Perry will be playing a young Mary Cooper. Zoe is the real-life daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who plays Mary Cooper in TBBT. This casting once again proves that producers are taking validity and plot cohesiveness seriously.

Young Sheldon will begin with Sheldon as a 9 year old about to attend high school for the very first time. Sheldon has two siblings, a twin sister, and an older brother. His sister, Missy Cooper, couldn’t be more excited for him to leave her be in the fourth grade. However, George Cooper, Sheldon’s older brother, isn’t exactly ecstatic about sharing the hallowed high school halls with his little brother.

The Expected, And Unexpected

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As expected, the first-look trailer showed Sheldon causing quite a stir with his know-it-all nature. He calls out a few classmates for breaking dress code, and even insults a teacher without realizing. 

What was unexpected was the touching moment that transpired between Sheldon and his father. In The Big Bang Theory we only hear negative things about Sheldon’s diseased dad. However, in Young Sheldon it seems we may see a softer side of Mr. Cooper, played by Lance Barber.

Will you be tuning in to see what Young Sheldon is really all about?

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