Everyone Is Bringing Up “Weird” Thing Sadie Said When She Was Younger


This viral video of young Sadie Robertson is pretty shocking. Not only is Sadie the cutest little kid we’ve ever seen, but she also predicts the future in an almost spooky way.

Young Sadie Robertson

This viral video was posted by Duck Commander nearly two years ago. This Fall it is once again circulating, as fans realize how crazy it is that Sadie truly predicted the future.

In the video, a young Sadie Robertson sports a blue t-shirt and adorable pigtails. She looks almost identical to her now 20-year-old self. However, her voice is way more high-pitched, and her southern twang even more noticeable.

The young little Duck daughter stated, “Jesus came to Earth because he wanted us to be nice…” You can’t help but squeal watching this little Robertson girl proclaim her love for the Lord. The Duck Commander channel posted the home video with the Robertson’s permission.

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photo by the courage.com

However, that isn’t even the best part of the video. Sadie then goes on to seemingly predict the future. Out of nowhere, the two-year-old says, “If I was famous I would still love the Lord. I would not just remember myself. I would love the Lord.” How on earth did a two-year-old know that she would one day be a celebrity?

Funniest Quotes

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photo by tikitoki.com

Some of the funniest quotes from the video include, “If you get to be a jail person, that’s good. If you get to be a policeman, that’s good. But the most important thing in my heart is God.” Sadie also said about God, “He has a big smile on, and it’s a HUGE one.”

Clearly, Sadie had a HUGE heart for God from a very young age. Obviously, Korie and Willie realized what a special little girl they had and felt the need to capture her earliest moments.

Are you shocked at how dead-on young Sadie Robertson’s prediction was?