The Unexpected Way The Robertson Women Make Money Is “Sneaky”


The Robertson women truly carry their own. These ladies are business savvy and have each created their business ventures separate from their Duck Dynasty husbands. Here are the sneaky ways the Duck wives are still making money post Duck Dynasty.

The Robertson Women Bring Home The Bacon

The Robertson family may share traditional values, but that doesn’t mean the Robertson women aren’t bringing home their fair share of income. While the men focus on Duck Commander and hunting, the women are busy creating their dynasties.

Social media, in particular, has fueled these ladies’ bank accounts. The Robertson women gained large followings due to their appearances on Duck Dynasty

Missy Robertson, for example, has her line of jewelry and clothing called Laminin. She uses her Instagram account to get her products out there in front of her wide audience. 

Brighton Robertson, the wife of Reed Robertson, has also cashed in on her large following. She teamed up with Fab Fit Fun and posts about the company to her many followers.

Mary Kate Robertson has a similar partnership with Hello Fresh- a company that delivers ingredients for home-cooked meals. Mary Kate and John Luke post photos of themselves using the service in exchange for a fee.

Korie And Sadie Robertson’s Many Endeavors

Perhaps the savviest of the Robertson women are Korie and Sadie Robertson. Above, Korie promotes her book Strong and Kind on her Instagram. The book talks about raising her many children. She’s also created a line of merchandise to go along with her book. 

Sadie has grown into a brand all on her own. The young star has her tour which allows her to meet fans all over the country. She also promotes her Wild Blue Denim line in collaboration with Rue 21. Plus, she’s been starring in quite a few music videos lately. 

The Robertson women are bringing home the big bucks. What do you think they’ll do next?