You’ll Be Shocked That The Robertsons Are Friendly With THESE Celebrities…


The Robertsons brand themselves as a different type of celebrity. We still think of them as a backwoods type family hidden away in West Monroe Louisiana. However, this redneck family have crossed paths with several Hollywood celebrities since gaining fame from their TV show. Here are a few familiar faces you didn’t realize are friendly with the Duck Commander clan…

Candace Cameron And Korie Robertson Are Friends

If you’re like us you grew up watching Full House with your family. Much like Duck DynastyFull House provided family friendly entertainment that parents could watch with their kids. Both the youngest and oldest family members could get a laugh out of this show. The same could be said for Duck Dynasty.

Perhaps that’s why Korie Robertson and Candace Cameron Bure get along so well. As a matter of fact, they don’t just get along, but they also allow their children to date. Little Bella Robertson is all grown up, and last week she headed off to prom with Lev Bure. Lev is the son of Candace, and the pair made an adorable couple. Korie Robertson posted photos of the two famous youngsters. She wrote, “[Bella Rob] you are stunning in every way!! I love watching you shine! You and [Lev Bure] make us Mamas proud. Y’all are too cute!…THank you [Candace Cameron Bure] and [Val] for hosting a fun night!”

These two are too cute!! @levvbure @bellarobb #Prom2018

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The two families hung out at Candace’s Los Angeles home before seeing their high schoolers off. Candace also posted a pic of the cute couple, writing, “These two are too cute!!” Bella wore a long black gown with a white floral print, and Lev selected a plaid three piece suit.

Candace Cameron isn’t the only celebrity the Robertsons have been associated with lately…

Jep and Jessica’s Food Truck

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You may have assumed Jep and Jessica Robertson moved away from their family to step out of the spotlight. They uprooted their five kids from West Monroe Louisiana, where Duck Dynasty was filmed, to Austin Texas. However, it seems they weren’t necessarily running from celebrity culture.

The pair opened up a successful food truck business, while partnering with another well know star. Jenson Ackles, star of Supernatural, owns the brewery where Jep and Jessica now permanently park their food truck. The pair of celebs have opened their family businesses in hopes of finding great success in the growing Austin food scene.

Missy And Jase’s Run With Tebow

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Jep and Jessica aren’t the only Robertson couple to run with a-list celebs. Missy and Jase Robertson hung out with Tim Tebow and his father at Tim Tebow’s celebrity golf event. Each year Tim Tebow hosts a celebrity golf tournament for his foundation. The Tim Tebow foundation benefits sick and fatally ill children. At the golf tournament guests can pay to come and watch celebrities (like Missy and Jase Robertson) play a round of golf. The money goes towards children’s medical treatments. The kids and their families are also invited to come a take part in the day.

Last year Missy and Jase were paired up with Bob Tebow, Tim’s father, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Despite his struggles, the Christian man was lively, speaking with each and every child in attendance. Missy wrote on her blog, “I got the feeling that I witnessed only a glimpse into a life that portrays gratefulness each and every day.  In between these moments of verbal gratefulness, he shared spiritual nuggets of wisdom with Jase and me, all while showing outward signs of weakness as he shook from his Parkinson’s.”

Phil Robertson also has some pretty famous friends…

Phil Robertson And His Old College Buddy…

Many Duck Dynasty fans are aware that Phil Robertson used to play football with Terry Bradshaw. Infact, the Duck Commander founder started AHEAD of the football great. The pair recently reunited for cameras, and the result was epic.

Bradshaw said, “I used to tell everybody, there was a guy named Phil Robertson. Guy had as quick a release as Joe Namath. I still remember you always wore Levi jeans and a t-shirt. And on that was either duck feathers, guts from a squirrel, blood from some varmint somewhere. And you were always talking about [ducks.]”

Sadie Robertson’s Famous Boyfriend

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Sadie Robertson has rubbed elbows with quite a few Hollywood names. After her run on Dancing With The Stars Sadie found herself to be a household name. She was introduced to tons of celebs, including Alfonzo Ribeiro, her competition on the show.

Currently Sadie is dating Austin North, a former Disney Channel star. The sweet celeb pair have been posting cute photos together all month long. It seems their pretty serious, and Sadie says this relationship is unlike her others from the past. She explained, “We both have enough confidence in [our relationship that] we want to share it with people. I have always said differently because it’s something I have been afraid of, to be publicly official. But with him, everything’s different.”

They’re also going to be taking on the challenge of a long distance relationship. Sadie explained, “We are both super supportive of each other’s career and that’s been so awesome… We look forward to getting to support each other in different things. He already plans to come see me speak at an upcoming event, and I can’t wait to watch his new show coming out. The good thing is I have a lot of work in LA right now, so I will be out there often, and his sister is working in Nashville with her music. So we are just going to make it work.”

However, there’s one more celeb the Robertsons are proud to have met…

Willie Robertson Met Obama

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Perhaps the most surprising Celeb the Robertsons are friendly with? President Obama. Willie Robertson famously supported President Donald Trump in the 2016 election, but he fondly recalls meeting the former President at a State of the Union Address. In fact, the President even admitted to being a fan of the show.

Willie recalled, “The president’s walking down the hall. And he sees me and he goes, ‘Willie, what’s up?’ … I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ So we’re talking, and we’re having this conversation.” Willie also recalled, “He said he loves the show and watches it on Air Force One.”

Now that’s some high-profile socializing. Can you imagine meeting the Robertsons in person? Who do you think is more star struck? The Robertsons, or the celebs?