BREAKING: The Duck Dynasty Men May Be Forced To Shave Their Beards After Sudden Accident…


There are not many downsides to having a burly, manly beard like the men of Duck Dynasty, but there are a few. One of which happened to the Robertson men.

Some of the Duck Dynasty men experienced a nasty accident that could have required them to shave their burly beards (source: Pinterest)

Really, it’s all Jep’s fault that this nasty thing happened to the men. That thing? Lice. In their hair and in their beards. Yeah, it’s as disgusting as it sounds. Try not to itch as you read this…

The record shows that Jep wore a hat infested with lice into the Duck Commander office. But nobody knew the hat was full of lice at the time. So, for some reason, they all took a turn wearing the hat. 

That’s when the itching began. The burning scalps and beard started. 

But Jase took it all in stride. He said that, with such awesomely long beards, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get lice but when. How many of us, in that situation, would’ve shaved our beards? Probably 98% of us.

Godwin, Martin, and Jep get the lice removed from their hair by Miss Kay, who uses an effective by rank home made concoction (source: Yahoo!)

Uncle Si, however, said he couldn’t have lice. There’s was no way.

“Hey,” he said, “I done told you. I had lice as a child.”

“It’s not chicken pox!” Jep replies.

“No,” Si responds. “I have built up a natural immunity.”

But they stuck it out and kept the beards, whether it was because they’re dedicated to their beards or because of their Duck Dynasty contracts.

Obviously, they’ve since gotten rid of the lice.  But imagine how itchy that would be — I’m itchy just writing this.

Duck Dynasty beard
Jep on the pride of having a long, full beard (source: Life Style Mag)