BREAKING: Jim Parsons and Rhianna Just Did Something HUGE… Fans Shocked


Jim Parsons and Rihanna in Home

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In 2015 DreamWorks came out with the movie Home. The film was a fantastic animated feature about aliens invading planet earth, and on unlikely alien befriending a little girl and helping her find her estranged mother. Coincidentally, Jim Parsons voiced the alien- named Oh- and Rihanna voiced the little girl- named Tip.

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This unlikely pairing of Parsons and Rihanna proved to be instant entertainment on the press tour. Jim’s straight forward and dry wit was a great match for Rihanna’s chill girly vibes. We particularly loved this interview, where the pair asked each other questions for Yahoo. Here’s what went down.

Jim Parsons Interviews Rihanna

Since the movie revolves around the idea that there are millions of inhabitable planets, Rihanna first asked Jim what he would name his own planet. He decided he would name it “Jim’s Planet,” to keep things simple and concise. Rihanna on the other hand wanted to be creative and name her’s “Jaht” after the nickname she has for her assistant.

Right here we can already see the major differences in these unlikely friends. Jim is very matter of fact, and straight to the point. Rihanna seems deeply artistic and creative- perhaps even a bit zany. We love how they can bounce off of each other.

Rihanna’s Planet

Jim fired back, asking Rihanna what the rules are on her planet. Can we just say- we want to move there? The pop-star explained everyone would get any type of free shoes they would like. Also, the only type of food allowed is ice cream. Can you see heaven? We bet we’d all be walking around in thigh high leather boots, eating mint chocolate chip in a Rihanna-esque world.

Jim did point out, “y’all are gonna need a good health care plan on that planet, but you will have good feet.” 

Three Things To Take

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Jim admitted if he could only take three things with him to his planet he would take Todd, his partner, and his two dogs. How sweet is that answer? Jim clearly has his priorities in the right place. 

Rihanna also answered impressively, selecting her personal assistant, her iPod and her iPod speakers. Looks like this lady really does put music first.

There is one more thing the pair bonded over.

They Can’t Whistle

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Neither Jim Parsons nor Rihanna can whistle. Both admitted that the talent evaded them, and Jim was surprised considering Rihanna’s music career. The two poked fun at each other for their apparent lack of skill.

We are pretty shocked Rihanna can’t whistle, but not as shocked as we are at this unlikely friendship. We really hope Rihanna and Jim Parsons do another movie together soon. Home was just too good and the press tour interviews alone could last us years of entertainment.

Did you love Jim Parsons and Rihanna in Home?

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