You Can Now Buy Big Bang Theory Star Trek Cosplay Action Figures


If you want to take your The Big Bang Theory fandom to the next level, you need look no further. You can now buy TBBT Star Trek cosplay action figures, and they are amazing.

SDCC Exclusive Collection

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At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Convention, you’ll be able to purchase a limited edition Bif Bang Pow! set of action figures, featuring The Big Bang Theory gang in their cosplay outfits from The Bakersfield Expedition.

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The Bakersfield Expedition was a fan favorite episode by far. The men of Big Bang Theory head to a comic book convention in Bakersfield. They decide to dress as characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation and history is made. 

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Along the way, there are tons of laughs, including Sheldon downloading his own voice to the GPS software to share fun facts with the gang throughout the drive to the convention. The men decide to stop at Vasquez rocks and take action photos as their characters. While they’re having a photo shoot, Leonard’s car is stolen, and the men are forced to find help while dressed in their outfits.

Tons of hilarious comic book and Star Trek references are made in this episode. Penny, Bernadette, and Amy even head to the comic book store to try and find out more about their men’s hobbies. It’s no wonder comic con has decided to memorialize this classic Big Bang Theory episode with a limited edition toy.

Buy Big Bang Theory Action Figures

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The product description of the limited edition toy reads, “There is no convention too big or small that The Big Bang Theory men won’t attend (well maybe Bakersfield, but they still go anyway). Recreate their “trek” across the desert in full costume with this 3 3/4-Inch scale special edition The Big Bang Theory / Star Trek: The Next Generation cosplay figure set made exclusively by Bif Bang Pow! for Entertainment Earth as a convention exclusive!”

Will you be picking up a set at San Diego Comic-Con?

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