Mayim Just Wrote An Entire Blog Post About What Every Big Bang Fan Has Been Thinking Since The Finale

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-12

The Big Bang Theory Season finale finished with a literal bang as Sheldon proposed to Amy Farrah Fowler, and left audiences with the biggest cliff hanger ever. Here’s what Mayim Bialik had to say about the episode.

Mayim’s Take on Sheldon Proposing to Amy

Mayim started off the post saying, “Wow. Just wow. I know. Right?! Tonight’s Season 10 finale of TBBT sure left me with my jaw on the floor when I first read it. (I’m curious how you all felt seeing it…)”

We weren’t exactly shocked.

We had seen previews that hinted something serious would go down. Not to mention, we had predicted that Sheldon would propose. However, what we DIDN’T predict was that kissing Ramona would be what prompted Sheldon to make this grand gesture.

It seemed that in no way saw this coming. She wrote, “Our writers and producers know FAR better than I what should happen on this show; don’t get me wrong. But we had such a big year already: Penny and Leonard got married again (!) and we welcomed the Howard/Bernadette baby…that’s a lot.” Perhaps the star doesn’t think it’s the right time for Amy and Sheldon to take this step?

Mayim did admit that she found herself getting emotional while filming the scene. She and Jim Parsons have electric chemistry, so it only makes sense that filming something so special would cause a reaction. She recalled, “There were more than a few wet eyes during rehearsal and run-through for that final scene.”

Mayim Has No Idea What Amy Will Say

Mayim also told her blog readers that she has no idea what Amy will say to Sheldon. Apparently, she’s just as in the dark and hanging off the cliff as we are. She explained, “And please don’t ask me if I know what Amy’s going to respond in the season opener of season 11…because I don’t know!” It seems that The Big Bang Theory cast members are left in the dark about plot choices until right before each episode is filmed.

Do you agree with Mayim Bialik’s reaction to Sheldon’s proposal?

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