Would Duck Dynasty Have Failed If This Cast Member Had Died?


Is every member of the Duck Dynasty cast crucial? If one of them left the show, would it be the same?

The Robertsons enjoy each other as they wrap up the last shots of Duck Dynasty (source: Facebook)

If we lost Willie or Uncle Si or Phil Robertson, the show would definitely have a different feel. It wouldn’t be the same. But what about the people who are not the main characters but still play an important role? Like, for instance, baby brother Jep?

In 2014, we almost knew what the show would be like without Jep. He almost lost his life. 

Jep’s scary tweet

On October 25, 2014, Jep out of nowhere tweeted that he had almost died, but he gave absolutely no details as to what happened. His Twitter followers wondered what in the heck happened.

Jep’s official statement

Jep and Jessica Robertson (source: ET)

Fortunately, the Duck Commander website had already put in ink what had happened. The night before his tweet, they published a statement.

“Earlier this week while deer hunting, Jep suffered from a seizure,” it read. “Thankfully, he was in the stand with friends, and [his brother] Willie was at the hunting camp when it occurred so he was by his side in a matter of minutes.”

Jep’s input to Duck Dynasty appreciated

Jep was quick to show he was alright. We saw that his humor was fully intact after he posted a photo comparing himself to Steven Seagal in the movie Hard To Kill.

This is when we realized how important Jep is to the show. His sense of humor is unique, and Duck Dynasty would not be the same without him.

The statement ended on a good note, saying “He is doing well now.” Yeah, his tweet makes it pretty clear he was doing alright despite being in the hospital.

And Duck Dynasty, we can see now, would not be the same without Jep around.


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