Is there a scene or an episode of Duck Dynasty that stands out in your mind? Maybe one that made you laugh. Or it could be one that it made you cry. It might even be one that changed your perspective on life. Willie Robertson certainly has some favorite moments.

Like the time he tried to teach his daughter Sadie how to drive. Of course in typical Robertson family style, the girl had to learn to drive–in a truck.

Willie RobertsonA&E Screen Shot

While the Duck Commander crew were apparently taking a break, Sadie provided the boys with some entertainment.

Uncle Si, notices, “Good gracious. She looking forward, but hey, she’s lookin out the back window.”

The only casualty was a garbage can.

Who could forget the redneck water park the guys created. Certainly not Willie.

Willie RobertsonA&E Screen Shot

“Showing up and seeing what they’d done was impressive. Seeing that my guys could work if they put their minds to it.”

The guys created a rope swing, a slide and a pulley out of an old truck without wheels. Everyone came out the river to enjoy the afternoon. The kids all played in the water. and the wives supervised and enjoyed watching everyone have fun.

Then Willie came. At first it took some real coaching to get him to join in. Before you know it, he’s on an tube, dragging across the river–and then he disappeared.

At least, after it was all over it even became one of Willies’ favorite moments.

However, then there was the day that his dad, Phil Robertson, and Uncle Si went to a classroom. Those kids may never be the same.

In case you missed it–here’s what happened.

Willie RobertsonA&;E Screen Shot

Standing in front of a class full of school children, dressed in their usual camouflage, and blacked out faces, the two start to give a lesson in cleaning ducks.

First Phil clipped off the duck’s wings with a tool that resembled wire cutters. Then with his bare hands he removes the duck’s head. Because this is a lesson in cleaning a duck, the final step is removing the guts.

Some of the little faces were wide-eyed with their jaws dropped. Others just hid their face in their hands–and refused to look. As graphic as seeing the blood drip off the duck and Phil’s hand was, nothing prepared them for Uncle Si.

“Have ya’ll ever heard of the term “Nom”‘ Si asked.

You could possibly say that the only thing you could tell a bunch of school children that was more graphic than cleaning ducks, would be fighting in Vietnam. Especially when you throw in a Bangal tiger attack.

No way to be sure, but when Si said, “Blood spraying everywhere…” might have been the teacher’s clue to end the lesson. Because she sure did.

What about your favorite moment?

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