Willie Robertson Reveals His Secret To Business Success


Willie Robertson just told everyone what his secret is to success. No, this isn’t a ploy. It’s an actually thing anyone can do.

Willie Robertson recently told the press what his secret to success is … and it might surprise you (source: Hollywood Reporter)

During a press conference recently, in between his two talks at the Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center at Grace College, he spoke about this. He said he was their to give students career advice.

“Their past probably won’t be like mine because it was a strange way to do things,” Willie said. “But I think we can have some base things — integrity and honesty, our faith, a lot of things we can share that are similar.”

But he had a specific message for these students — for them, he had a secret to share that helped him become successful.

Willie with his daughter Sadie and his wife, Korie. Keeping it real helps have a successful family and professional life (source: Charisma News)

“For the kids here, I wanted to talk about especially their faith,” he continued. “It doesn’t mean that you can’t have that in society and be successful at work — we’ve proven that otherwise. Just encouraged them to be authentic, really, and live their lives authentic because that’s really what made Duck Dynasty great. We were authentic people, we’re real people, honest and made mistakes.”

Authenticity. That’s the key. Just be real and gitterdone. Because you never know when that big opportunity will come along — you got to be ready for it.

“I would have never thought I would have been on reality TV,” Willie said. “I don’t even watch reality TV, yet …

“Here I am.”

So just be who you are, work hard, and keep your eyes open for opportunities, chances to do great things. That’s what Willie did and look at him now.

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